Introducing Dinesen Ash.

In collaboration with John Pawson, Studio David Thulstrup and Kontorkontor Arkitekter, we embrace play and challenge the creative process of working with materials as we know it today.

The outcome is a series of abstract visuals created by Studio Kleiner composed to uncover the playful qualities of ash wood.

What happens when a bunch of creative thinkers are let loose to challenge the concept of shape? In this collaboration, the new Dinesen Ash wood is interpreted by a series of renowned architects and curated in a collection of artistic collages. The process is all about seducing and inspiring in a way of embracing play.


With the aim to explore the foundation for creativity, we have invited John Pawson, Studio David Thulstrup and Kontorkontor to raise their voice and visualise their architectural beliefs with a selection of materials including Dinesen Ash. The tranfsformation of the selections into abstract visuals is made by Studio Kleiner, founded and led by the Stockholm based image-makers, Carl and Evelina Kleiner.

John Pawson moodboard as interpreted by Studio Kleiner


John Pawson
For more than 30 years, the British architect and designer John Pawson has been known for a minimalist, aesthetic approach to his creations. The way in which he addresses design and architecture is permeated by his belief that ‘it’s all architecture.’ Whether constructing a small object or an entire building the philosophy of space prevails. John Pawson has completed numerous projects all over the world, from monasteries and galleries to yacht interiors. No matter the scale, the character of the creation is always modest and salutes simplicity, yet the result is at all times refined and remarkable.


John Pawson’s cooperation with Dinesen dates back to the early 1990s, and over the years, he has involved Dinesen in a wide range of projects, where the wooden planks have helped achieve a unique expression. Latest, John Pawson and Dinesen joined forces in creating a chapel in Unterliezheim, Germany, which is almost entirely made of Douglas wood – a spectacular construction paying homage to the forest.

John Pawson moodboard with Dinesen Ash, bricks, marble, textile, tiles, onyx, teak and leather. Interpreted by Studio Kleiner.

"It’s essential really, there is no architecture without wood"
John Pawson

Kontorkontor moodboard as interpreted by Studio Kleiner

At Kontorkontor, memories and traces of cultural history are a great part of the inspiration to creating the architecture of tomorrow. The young studio is all about analysing and understanding materials, construction and history – all of which are essential when working with sustainable architecture. It is never about which material is the most exclusive one, it is about making the most of any material and rendering it both harmonious and durable at the same time. Kontorkontor believes that architecture should be tasted, smelt, heard and felt – not merely looked at.


Architects Aenne Kristine Thomsen, Jesper Skovby and Tor Dalsgaard Krag founded Kontorkontor in November 2018, fresh out of the Royal Danish Academy of Architecture, Design and Conservation. Their raison d être is to explore traditional techniques with the purpose of challenging how we experience architecture.

Kontorkontor moodboard with Dinesen Ash, bricks, glass, straps and steel. Interpreted by Studio Kleiner.

Studio David Thulstrup moodboard as interpreted by Studio Kleiner

Studio David Thulstrup
The Danish designer and architect David Thulstrup believes in designing with traditional aesthetics and modern simplicity combined. With his Copenhagen based studio, David Thulstrup presents an extensive portfolio of local and international projects – from residential architecture to product design. Every project is approached with a holistic effort and through rethinking simple elements such as light, form or even materials. At Studio David Thulstrup, they believe that beauty can be found in all materials, and it is how you combine them that brings them to life.


Studio David Thulstrup was founded in 2009 in Copenhagen. Today, the studio consists of a brittle bunch of creatives from architects and interior designers to 3D visualisers and material experts. In 2018, Studio David Thulstrup was behind the design of the new Dinesen and Garde Hvalsøe showroom in Aarhus

Studio David Thulstrup moodboard with Dinesen Ash, bricks, glass, textile, leather and steel. Interpreted by Studio Kleiner.


Stockholm based creative couple Evelina and Carl Kleiner is the foundation of Studio Kleiner. They refer to themselves as image-makers and together with a team of like-minded design folks, their way of working is quite unique. Studio Kleiner aims to bring objects to life by giving them personality and at the same time bring out the abstract in an object. Experimenting is a natural part of the design process and mixing colours with simplicity and a sense of humour is essential in everything they create.

Studio Kleiner was founded in 2010 and since then, the design couple has raised their children while working alongside some of the world’s most renowned brands such as Hermes, Google and The New York Times.



Behind the scenes with Studio Kleiner.



Get a virtual tour in Copenhagen showroom and experience the Play it Forward exhibition here.

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